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Learning Kanji Tips Part 2 0

Learning Kanji tips Part 2!
Kanji photos by
Fabian Reus

Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series for learning kanji. Here are some more kanji learning tips you can apply to your routine or studies. These tips won’t work for everyone, but I’m sure you can get some inspiration from them. Let’s get started!

A difficult sentence for Japanese learners 0

Japanese Twitter and blogs are abuzz about a sentence that is said to be difficult for learners of the Japanese language.

Difficult for those starting out in Japanese

Can you spot the problem? Take a look at the 日 (day) kanji. It’s used five times in the sentence, but the reading is different each time depending on which word compound it's in.

Before we get into the breakdown of the sentence, it’s important to remember that kanji used in Japanese usually has a Chinese reading (on yomi) and a native Japanese reading (kun yomi). This, combined with the fact that some words are forced to work with existing Chinese characters, can result in complicated reading rules that learners and natives just have to remember.

Learning Kanji Tips Part 1 1

Learning Kanji tips

Kanji photos by Fabian Reus

Struggling with learning kanji? You're not alone. Remembering kanji is universally difficult not only for Japanese language learners but also native Japanese too.

Pace yourself and you can conquer them all!

This is part 1 of an ongoing series focused on kanji learning. Make them part of your routine and you'll find yourself tackling kanji with greater efficiency and retaining them better than ever before. To get the ball rolling, here are 4 techniques that can enhance your studies.

Kanji Finder: a web-based tool for finding Kanji Flashcards fast

Kanji Finder: a web-based tool for finding Kanji Flashcards fast 1

Get to know Kanji Findera web-based tool for quickly finding White Rabbit Press kanji flashcards for particular study sessions.

Anyone with White Rabbit Press Japanese Kanji Flashcards knows how tedious it can be to manually lookup and retrieve individual kanji cards for a particular textbook or other study resources. Kanji Finders makes finding those cards for a given kanji list quick and easy.

How it works

Simply type some kanji into the search field--you can also paste in a list of kanji from the web. Then click “Find Kanji Cards” and in a few seconds you’ll get a list of showing the card id (and flashcard set) for each Joyo kanji in your list.

Here's a quick demonstration video: 

Quickly find the kanji cards you need

The results will show the card ID and the flashcard set where you can find the individual kanji card. By being able to quickly glance and see which kanji is from which set, you can easily pull them out of the sets and create your own custom study deck that matches your textbook.

Kanji Finder Results

Another powerful feature included in Kanji Finder is the ability to save your searches. That means you can input as much kanji as you want, do a search, and then save the results for later. If you want to save your search lists you’ll be required to make an account, but don’t worry it’s free.

Community Lists

The feature is coming in a future revision, but users will be able to share their lists and create community contributed lists. You’ll be able to get a customized deck list for just about any study resource, assuming someone has made it. (If they haven’t, maybe you should be the one to start it!)

Genki Japanese textbook

For users of the Genki Japanese textbook series, there are currently multiple saved lists that go with the chapters, making it a breeze to pull out the cards and study as you progress through the book. Without the Kanji Finder tool, you’d end up having to skim through all the cards manually and hunt down the kanji from Genki chapters one by one, which would take away the time you should be spending studying.

Using White Rabbit Press kanji cards? Give Kanji Finder yourself!