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For people who often travel, have busy working hours, or just don’t want to carry heavy books around, e-books are a great way to study Japanese. On OMG Japan, you can use these books instantly upon purchase and take your study materials with you wherever you go.

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Our Top Picks

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This excellent book from the popular Japanese-language-learning publishing company Ask is designed to help people in the Japanese workplace.

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This N3-level listening textbook is one part of a 5-book set (sold separately) and provides the tools needed to improve your listening skills to get to the next stage of your Japanese ability.

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Are you planning to take the JLPT N4? This collection of Japanese grammar questions will help you excel in your study preparations as you learn grammar strategies and practice reading comprehension and listening test questions in the same format as the JLPT -- all in this one book!

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Using Keigo, or honorific language is vital in Japan in the business world, but also when meeting people for the first time or wanting to show someone respect. If you want to improve your Keigo to help you at work or in your personal life, then this book is highly recommended.