Prepare for JLPT N1

Prove you are completely fluent in Japanese

The JLPT N1 is the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. This official exam proves that you have a very good level of Japanese that allows you to understand this language in many circumstances. At N1, you are practically bilingual.


People who obtain the JLPT N1 also have preferential treatment at the Japanese immigration services. This level is required to work in the medical field in Japan. In addition, this degree is sometimes accepted in the student admission process to Japanese universities.


On this page, you will find many information about the things you must learn before taking this exam. We will also share with you a list of textbooks and workbooks that will help you reach the level required to pass the JLPT N1 smoothly.

Popular JLPT N1 book series

There are many collections of books for people who want to get a very advanced level in Japanese. Among the series dedicated to students wishing to take the JLPT N1 exam, we recommend the classics New Kanzen Master and Nihongo So-Matome. These two series are also available for lower levels.


In addition, the JLPT N1 Thorough Training collection is only available for the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It will allow you to practice grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading.

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What is in the JLPT N1

The final Japanese Language Proficiency Test level has the same structure as the other JLPT levels, with questions testing your skills in five fields: grammar, vocabulary, kanji, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.


In this part, we give you the list of all the ingredients necessary to obtain the JLPT N1. We also recommend several books that will help you to study these different parts.


Grammar rules

Students at the JLPT N1 level are able to understand more than 99% of the sentences said by a Japanese native, thanks to their high knowledge of Japanese grammar.


Use one (or more) of the grammar books we recommend to be sure you know all the essential rules to pass the ultimate level of JLPT.

Books to learn JLPT N1 grammar

10 000

Vocabulary words

Those wishing to obtain the JLPT N1 must know about 10 000 vocabulary words. This vocabulary includes highly technical terms that can be used in very specialized administrative or scientific documents. With 10,000 Japanese words you are guaranteed to understand any conversation. Because this amount is more than the number of words you actually use during a week in your own native language.

Books to learn JLPT N1 vocabulary


Kanji characters

At level N1, you must know all the joyo kanji. These 2136 characters of Chinese origin are taught to Japanese high school students. They make up the bulk of the characters used in Japanese newspapers or books.


The third volume of the kanji flashcards from White Rabbit Express will allow you to learn the 1000 most complex kanji of this list. By adding it to the first two volumes, you will have all the joyo kanji in an handy format to drill everywhere.

Books to learn and practice JLPT N1 kanji list

Reading Practice

Students wishing to pass the JLPT N1 level should encounter very few problems when reading books or other types of texts written in Japanese. That's why we offer a selection of books (including novels) that are not necessarily designed to practice your skills in Japanese before the JLPT exam.

Reading practice books for the JLPT N1

Practice to get the JLPT N1

The best way to be sure you are ready for the JLPT N1 exam is to do mock tests. You can use many of the books below to practice your advanced level in Japanese.

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