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Nihongo So Matome:
Prepare your JLPT exam in weeks

Nihongo Sou Matome are books series that provides all the knowledge required to pass the JLPT exams in record time, from N5 to N1. Each program requires between six and eight weeks, and each level includes between one and five books.


Nihongo So Matome Complete Set

You can buy the 18 books that make up the Nihongo So-Matome collection to be guaranteed to use a method that works to pass all the JLPT exams. This set includes 1 book for JLPT N5, 2 books for N4, and 5 books for every levels from JLPT N3 to N1. Moreover, buying all the books at the same time will save you money and shipping costs.


Nihongo So Matome: JLPT N5

The whole program of the JLPT N5 is on a single manual of Nihongo Sou Matome. It will only take you 6 weeks to get all the knowledge you need to get your first JLPT exam. You will have to learn two pages per day. The two first weeks focus on kanji and vocabulary. From the third to the fifth week, the student will learn all the grammar and reading skills required for the N5. Then, the last week will only be about listening exercises.

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JLPT Levels

The books of the Nihongo Sou Matome series follow the program of the different JLPT levels. The vocabulary, kanji, and grammar are organized according to their appearance in JLPT exams. This collection offers you a consistent method where you will not need to review things you have already learned. This will save you a lot of time in your learning.

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N4: Elementary Japanese

There are two Nihongo Sou Matome books to cover the JLPT N4. Once again, you will be able to practice all the N4 programs in 6 weeks. The first book focuses on the 200 kanji characters and 300 words that are often used in JLPT N4 tests. The second book contains four weeks of grammar lessons, a week of reading exercises and a week of listening training.

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N3: Intermediate Japanese

You will need five textbooks to learn all you have to know to pass the JLPT N3 test. Every book is divided into 6 weekly chapters of 7 daily lessons. With this method, you will learn 3 to 4 sentence structures, 8 kanji and more than 20 words per day. The reading comprehension book also contains one daily text. The listening comprehension book offers audio exercises that will challenge your understanding skills.

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N2: Pre-Advanced Japanese

It takes eight weeks to master all the Japanese language skills required to pass the JLPT N2. This is a little longer than the 6 weeks promised for previous levels, but the program is much heavier. In only two months, you will learn 400 kanji and 1400 words through the provision of short sentences and illustrations. The five N2 books are the perfect weapon to pass the JLPT N2 exam serenely.

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N1: Advanced Japanese

You can drill the JLPT N1 program in only 8 weeks with Nihongo Sou Matome. Again, the five books are each divided into 8 weekly chapters. This method is one of the most popular choices for language learners who prepare for the JLPT N1. It groups similar grammar structures together. With these manuals, you’ll be able to learn 1300 new words and all the kanji you did not learn in the previous kanji books.

Book types

The program of the JLPT N5 is contained in a single textbook of Nihongo Sou Matome, while the JLPT N4 is divided into two books. But, there are not less than five manuals per level from JLPT N3. Each book focuses on a specific aspect of Japanese learning: grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, kanji, and reading.



Nihongo Sou Matome Bunpou manuals will let you learn three or four new grammatical rules every day. With these books, you will study grammatical items which are similar in form and usage on the same day. This methodology will reduce the time you will have to spend to master all the grammatical rules you need to know to get each JLPT exam.



You will learn more than twenty words a day in an efficient way with the Nihongo Sou Matome Goi books. Each lesson has pictures and includes common expressions using the new vocabulary. Exercises included in these lessons will allow you to learn sentence structures and to practice reading in Japanese. These manuals are perfect for strengthening your reading and kanji skills.



Kanji are the hardest part of Japanese language learning. Foreign students need to be patient to master them. Yet, Nihongo Sou Matome Kanji manuals use a method that allows you to learn all joyo kanji required for JLPT N1 in a few months. To help you learn quicker, these books group kanji and kanji combinations thematically. At the end of every chapter, you will review all the Japanese characters you have studied during the week.


Reading Comprehension

These books focus on reading. In each chapter, the student will have to read long texts and understand their meaning. These texts in Japanese can be ads, essays, newspaper articles, or notices you can see in daily life. Key vocabulary words and expressions are translated into English.


Listening Comprehension

The first version of Nihongo Sou Matome focused solely on writing. That’s why ASK Publishing has added listening comprehension manuals to its most popular series. With these books, students will sharpen their listening abilities with the help of long conversations. As these manuals are targeting JLPT students, a weekly “Comprehensive Review” simulates exam conditions.

What students say about Nihongo So Matome

“I'm really bad at studying vocabulary but this book made it a lot easier for me!”


“It provides tens of typical modern everyday-Japanese expressions which help you brush-up your Japanese. Especially if you want to enrich your vocabulary.”

Liviu Titus Iacob

“A very good book series which prepares the learner step by step for the JLPT exam.”


Complementary series published by ASK

Even though Nihongo Sou Matome is the most successful series made by ASK, this publisher also produces other collections. These series can be used in addition to Nihongo Sou Matome to learn the Japanese language even faster. With them, you can practice with more exercises that follow a similar program.

Nihongo Challenge

A collection of three books that provides even more exercises to prepare JLPT N4. One of the three books focusing on N4 and N5 kanji learning. While the two other offer new exercises aimed at memorizing vocabulary and grammar of the N4.

Shin Nihongo 500 Mon

A collection of four books that will help you boost your Japanses vocabulary, grammar and kanji skills in a fun and easily digestible format you can practice everyday. These books are structured into daily and weely lessons.

Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT

A collection of five books that will become your vocabulary resource to prepare every JLPT exam. You'll find the vocabulary found commonly on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and used in daily life in Japan.