Shin Kanzen Master

Master Japanese language and pass the JLPT

Shin Kanzen Master is a language book collection made for students who wish to take the JLPT exams. The books contain short explanations of essential points for each level of the exam, as well as many practical exercises. These will allow you to progress gradually to the level required to pass your exams in Japanese.

JLPT Levels

New Kanzen Master is the perfect collection to prepare JLPT exams from N4 level. There are currently no books in this collection for the N5 level. If you start learning Japanese, we recommend you look to other series such as Minna no Nihongo or GENKI.

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JLPT N4: Elementary Japanese

These four books are made for those planning to take the JLPT N4 exam. These books are also suitable for those wishing to increase their ability in Japanese language at a beginner level. This bundle is available in English and Vietnamese.

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JLPT N3: Intermediate Japanese

These five books aim to prepare Japanese language learner to take the JLPT N3 exam. These intermediate Japanese language books are available in Japanese and English.

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JLPT N2: Pre-Advanced Japanese

Japanese language students who want to pass the JLPT N2 exam should look at these five books in the New Kanzen Master series. These books have been specifically designed to help you pass the N2 exam.

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JLPT N1: Advanced Japanese

People who want to achieve the JLPT N1 and reach an advanced level in Japanese language can use these five books from the New Kanzen Master collection. They are perfect to becoming conscious of your weak points and learning to tackle very difficult questions.

Book types

With Kanzen Master series, you'll just need four books to get all the knowledge you need to pass the JLPT N4 exam. But, there are no less than five books for all the next levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Each book focuses on a specific part of Japanese learning: grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, kanji and reading comprehension.



These Japanese grammar books aim at cultivating the grammar needed for every level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. You will learn the grammatical rules needed to pass the exam in two phases: First, learning the grammar and then detailed explanations on the meaning and functions of these forms.



These Japanese vocabulary books are made for learning the vocabulary needed for every level of the JLPT. They are divided in two parts: Practical Training and Mock Test. The Practical Training section (or Jitsuryoku Yoseihen) helps you study vocabulary in realistic situations and themes. Mock tests are in the same format as in the JLPT exam.



These books show the student how to use and read all kanji required for every level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test with an emphasis on practice. Practicing helps the learner to gain necessary knowledge of kanji and identify situations where these characters are used in three simple steps. This allows the learner to become familiar with kanji easily.


Reading Comprehension

These Japanese books cover various important points such as comparisons, rephrasing, metaphors and interrogative sentences. In each chapter, the learner is invited to grasp a long-form text in Japanese. For this part, a large variety of good quality content has been selected by the authors. For example, advertisements, informational publications, business documents or pamphlets.


Listening Comprehension

These books help the learner improve their listening comprehension by using three different methods: Mondai Shokai provides an overview of the questions forms and how to solve them. Jitsuryoku Yoseihen examines the different types of questions separately, it also introduces the skills necessary to understand those questions, and Mogi Shiken which contains a mock test to confirm the ability of the learner.

What students say...

“It's a good review material for Japanese grammar. Each of the grammar forms have a brief explanation and rules about its uses.”


The grammars are explained in Japanese (with furiganas), but if you are already in the Intermediate level in Japanese, you wouldn't have any problem using this book.  A must have!


“The really cool thing about Kanzen Master its notes and explanations help you split hairs among similar types of expressions.”


Improve your Japanese vocabulary quicker

Here is our selection of books that will allow you to practice and memorize Japanese vocabulary in quicker way. Both books are published by AAA, the same publisher that produces the New Kanzen Master series. So, you will be able to use these books with your New Kanzen Master books.

New Kanzen Master Vocabulary

These two self-study books are for those who wish to develop their vocabulary skills to pass JLPT N3 and N2. They can also be used by learners who want to remember how to use abstract words.

Tanki Gokaku JLPT N1-N2 Vocabulary

In this book, the vocabulary is presented in list form first based on its type: verb, noun, adjective... Then you'll find practice exercises to help you memorize the vocabulary words you recently learned.