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Nestle Japan offers a variety of Japan exclusive flavors that are absolutely amazing. Throughout the year, they release limited edition creations in addition to perennial favorites such as their regional flavors and sake collections.

Newest Japanese Kit Kats

With each new season in Japan, Nestle releases new Kit Kat flavor that are often based on seasonal flavors found in Japan. Check out some of their newest creations below!

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Kit Kat - Premium Swiss Truffle

This delightful chocolate bar combines rich, creamy truffle with premium Swiss chocolate for a taste sensation that is sure to warm you up during the colder months.

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Kit Kat - Chestnut Flavor

Autumn is a great time of year in Japan. During this time, many chestnut-flavored foods and drinks appear in the shops. Nestle Japan decided to offer a delicious treat with a sweet and warm chestnut taste that will instantly make your mouth water!

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Kit Kat - Peach

This classic Kit Kat wafers are mixed with the delicious flavor of fresh juicy peaches, and then wrapped in peach-flavored white chocolate.

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Kit Kat - Melon Flavor

Nestle Japan's newest flavor is one we've seen before, but it's been a few years since it was last available. These new melon Kit Kats are made with melon and mascarpone cheese from Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido. This unique flavor tastes fresh, juicy, and the lovely sweet cheese makes it the perfect balance.

Special Kit Kat Collections

Kit Kat's don't just come in bags, there are many special collections of Kit Kats that have a more luxurious taste and packaging. Below are some of our favorites from the various Nestle Japan Kit Kat Collections.

Japan Regional Flavors Collection


These are some of our favorite Kit Kats from the Regional Flavors Collection. Nestle Japan created these flavors based on popular foods from specific areas in Japan. For example; Uji Matcha Kit Kats use finely ground matcha green tea leaves that are grown in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. These are our top picks, but be sure to check out all of the regional Kit Kats here.

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Classic Japanese Kit Kats

Classic Japanese Kit Kats are flavors that are sold all year so that you can always satisfy your craving.

Adult Sweetness


The "Otona no Amasa" or Adult Sweetness is a line of Japanese Kit Kats that are less sweet than a traditional Kit Kat but still packed with unique Japanese flavors. These Kit Kats are available all year round and a great snack for those who prefer a treat that isn't overly sweet.

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Unique Flavors


There are plenty of Kit Kats that don't fall into a particular collection, but are still truly amazing creations. The below Kit Kats are our favorite new releases. Check out all of the great Japanese Kit Kats here.

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Kit Kat Party Box

The box contains 21 different flavors of Japanese Kit Kats for a total of 63 packs.

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Everyone's favorite Kit Kat Party box is back with new flavors and more Kit Kats!


  • Kit Kat Mini x 3
  • Kit Kat Mini Otona no Amasa (Dark Chocolate) × 3
  • Kit Kat Mini Otona no Amasa (Dark Matcha) × 3
  • Kit kat Mini Otona no Amasa Strawberry x 3
  • Kit kat Mini Otona no Amasa White x 3
  • Kit Kat Orange Chocolate x 3
  • Masuizumi Nihonshu (Sake) × 3
  • Kyoto Uji Matcha x 3
  • Kyoto Uji Hojicha x 3
  • Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor x 3
  • Nagoya Azuki Sandwich x 3
  • Hiroshima Momiji Manju x 3
  • Nagano Shinshu Apple x 3
  • Amaou Strawberry x3
  • Shizuoka Wasabi x 3
  • Hokkaido Azuki Strawberry x 3
  • Tokyo Island Lemon x 3
  • Cheesecake x 3
  • For Cafe
  • Graham Cracker × 3
  • High Cacao Flavor x 3

Customer Review

"Fun story, I ordered like $200 worth of KitKats from you guys because I got married in February and our wedding favors

for our guests were little gift boxes with 6-7 different flavored Japanese KitKats in each of them. Everyone loved them!"