Prepare for JLPT N3

Prove you can understand intermediate Japanese

The JLPT N3 is the third level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. This exam administered by the Japanese Ministry of Education shows that you can understand Japanese in everyday situations to a certain degree.


On this page, we share our selection of books that will help you acquire all the knowledge required to pass the JLPT N3 exam. You will also find the amount of knowledge that these books will provide for you to obtain this certification.

Popular JLPT N3 book series

There are many book collections for the JLPT N3. These series often have textbooks and workbooks for the JLPT N4 too, so we advise you to continue your learning using the same method. Unless the previous collection you used does not suit you.


Besides, we also advise students who use the Minna no Nihongo books and who wish to pass the JLPT N2 or N1 in the future to switch to Shin Kanzen Master or Nihongo So-Matome because it will be easier for them to study the next levels.

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What is in the JLPT N3

The JLPT N3 tests students' skills in five different areas: grammar, kanji, vocabulary, reading comprehension and listening comprehension. Below, we have quantified the knowledge you need in each of these areas to be sure you can take the exam.


Grammar rules

Students must know about 150 grammar points to pass the JLPT N3 exam. These grammatical rules are the most common concepts in the Japanese language. By learning all of them, you will be ready to understand most of the situations in Japanese.

Books to learn JLPT N5 grammar


Vocabulary words

The vocabulary required to pass the JLPT N3 will allow you to express yourself correctly in Japanese in many situations of everyday life.

Books to learn JLPT N5 vocabulary


Kanji characters

With 350 kanji, you will have the ability to decipher many common vocabulary words. This is also the number of characters you need to know to pass the JLPT N3 exam.


At this level, you will need to buy the second volume of Kanji Flashcards from White Rabbit Press to be sure you do not miss out on a single character.


You can also find many workbooks and textbooks that will give you the opportunity to practice your kanji.

Books to learn and practice JLPT N5 kanji list

Reading Practice

At this level you are supposed to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics. You'll also be able to grasp short informative texts such as newspaper headlines. Moreover, you are supposed to have the ability to read slightly difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and understand the main points of the content if some alternative phrases are available to help the reader understand.

Reading practice books for the JLPT N5

Listening Practice

You will be able to listen and comprehend conversations about topics regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations, and you will be able to pick up necessary information from short conversations spoken slowly.


Practice listening to the JLPT N3 with textbooks and CDs. We offer the best manuals to improve your listening comprehension to reach an intermediate level.

Listening practice books for the JLPT N5

Practice to get the JLPT N3

You can use workbooks to practice taking the JLPT N3. By doing mock tests, you will understand how the official exam is structured. So you will not have any surprises during the actual test.

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What students say...

“Overall I find these books to be better than other JLPT books. I'm finding that the N3 level starts right after the Minna series (or equivalent), and they would be a good additional to your regular textbook.”

Anonymous about Nihongo So-matome JLPT N3

“This book along with the advanced one is a book form the heavens. It is a must have for Japanese students.”

Anonymous about A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

“I have all three sets of flashcards and learning kanji has become much quicker and efficient. There is no way I could make such wonderful flashcards. They are also coated and easy to clean off if a little water or food gets on them.”

Emma about Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Series 3 Volume 2

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