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Discover the true meaning of Japanese words

The English-Japanese dictionaries we sell in our shop can help you easily find the definition of a word or expression. They are essential tools for anyone who wants to learn Japanese seriously.

Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar

This Japanese grammar dictionary series is published by The Japan Times. It can be considered to be the most comprehensive resource for Japanese grammar available in any library. It contains in-depth explanations in English of hundreds of grammatical concepts that make up the foundation of the Japanese language.

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Japanese-English Electronic Dictionaries

Casio Ex-Word XD-Z9800 Japanese-English Dictionary (w/ Stylus)

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This electronic device from Casio is featuring the best dictionaries available for English to Japanese and Japanese to English;

Sharp Pen Type Scanner - Japanese-English Dictionary

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Scan a word in a printed text and the device will give you its definitions. This electronic dictonary contains more than 200,000 entries.

Specific Japanese Dictionaries

There are many types of specialized dictionaries in our shop. They will allow you to learn more about specific aspects of the Japanese language using a lexicographic format that you can find in traditional dictionaries. With these books, you can learn Japanese idiomatic expressions or more abstract concepts that are not defined in classic dictionaries.

Kotoba E Jiten

Word & Picture Dictionary

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This book is perfect to make children enjoy to learn new Japanese vocabulary. This book designed for schoolchildren aged between 6 and 9 years old is a fun and colorful Japanese-English picture dictionary.

Nihongo Hyogen Bunkei Jiten

Dictionary of Essential Japanese Expressions

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This comprehensive dictionary is perfect for students of any level. It contains more than a thousand entries that will teach you most essential expressions you can find in JLPT exams. They are organized by kana-system.

Nihongo Hyogen Bunkei Jiten

Dictionary of Japanese Grammatical Expressions

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This comprehensive guide to Japanese expressions is perfect for intermediate and advanced Japanese language learners. It features detailed explanations for more than 300 grammaticla and conversational expressions.

Nihongo Gitaigo Jiten

Dictionary of Japanese Onomatopoeic Expressions

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Gitaigo are words that sound like what tey describe in Japanese. The brillant illustrations of this onomatopoeic expressions dictionary make more sense than trying to explain these expressions with words.

Kanji Dictionary 2500

Dictionary for foreigners learning Japanese

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This book contains the 2136 most common kanji characters and approximately 360 uncommon kanji characters, for a total of 2500 characters. Each kanji is written in romaji, onomi, kunomi, meaning, stroke order, radical, and number of strokes. The Kanji range from N5 to N1 level.

Student reviews

“If you are serious about learning Japanese, this is a great resource. It has examples in Japanese which some Japanese language books do not - which is pointless.”


“I was initially hesitant to buy this dictionary because of its price, but decided to thumb through a friend's to see if it was worth the cost. Absolutely worth every penny.


“This is a dictionary (or rather an encyclopedia) so don't expect to use it as a textbook or course of study. Rather, you'll use it in conjunction with your textbook to look up certain grammar concepts that you'd like more explanation about. Very highly recommended.


Other tools you can use to learn Japanese vocabulary


Graded readers

Reading graded readers improve reading skills and many other language aspects, like vocabulary. The deliberate repetition of new words enables readers to infer meaning from context.


Flashcards can help you memorize vocabulary and kanji using repetition. Our shop sells several cards sets to learn Japanese. Including the famous Kanji flashcards published by White Rabbit Press.

JLPT books

The vocabulary is an integral part of the program of each JLPT level. You will be able to find many books allowing you to learn the words that were used the most in the questions of these exams.