Kanji Books

Learn all Japanese characters with textbooks

You will find all the textbooks and workbooks we recommend for learning all the joyo kanji on this page. These 2136 characters of Chinese origin form the basis of the Japanese writing system.

Learn with JLPT Textbooks

We usually recommend two textbooks collections for those who want to learn beginner and intermediate-level kanji: "Basic Kanji Books" and "Practical Kanji".

Basic Kanji Books
& Intermediate Kanji Books

Learn systematically

This collection is perfect if you want to learn kanji systematically and grasp practical use at the same time. With these books, you will be able to remember he right kanji in the right situation.

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Practical Kanji

Introductory Kanji Textbooks

Learn 700 Japanese characters in an easy to understand and practical way. Each chapter contains around 10 new kanji and has a very clear structure. The difficulty is gradual, that helps the student to stay motivated.

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Practice with JLPT Workbooks

The best way to memorize Japanese characters is to practice writing them everyday. There are also several types of exercises that will allow you to remember all readings and all definitions of these characters of Chinese origin.

Kanji in Context

Learn 2136 kanji

This collection of workbooks is specially designed for intermediate and advanced Japanese language students. With this series, you will be able to learn all joyo kanji.

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Kanji Practice in 15 Minutes a Day

Readings, vocabulary and samples

These books are divided in two parts. The kanji practice pages clearly display the stroke order diagrams, readings and basic rules for writing kanji. This part is followed by a quiz section.


What makes this series unique is that the pages include not only readings and vocabulary, but also helpful sample phrases and sentences with each kanji.

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Genki Kanji Look and Learn

Workbook and Textbook

These two books are part of the famous Genki series. These are a workbook and a texbook that focus on the kanji from the level N5 to N3. That means you will study 512 characters.

Remember this! Kanji Dictionary 2500

2500 Kanji

This book contains the 2136 most common kanji characters and approximately 360 uncommon kanji characters, for a total of 2500 characters. Each kanji is written in romaji, onomi, kunomi, meaning, stroke order, radical, and number of strokes. The Kanji range from N5 to N1 level.

Learn to Write Japanese Beautifully

Practice notebook

This notebook has easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you improve your Japanese penmanship. It uses the rokudo method, that means all guidelines are printed at a 6° slant.

Memorize kanji with pictures

Several methods use illustrations to facilitate the memorization work that is required to master all Japanese characters. The next three books use these methods in a variety of ways.

Understanding Through Pictures

1000 Kanji

This book is the perfect resource to learn all Japanese characters used in JLPT N5 to N2. All the thousand kanji included in this book are illustrated with stroke order diagrams.

My First Kanji Book


This pocketbook includes 200 kanji characters divided into three different chapters. This book uses vivid illustration based on the original Chinese pictographs.

Learn Kanji Easy with Pictures: 80 Kanji

80 kanji

Memorize and write the 80 kanji Japanese first-graders learn at school. This book contains 20 lessons divided into three parts. Each kanji is illustrated with pictures.

What students say...

“The really cool thing about Kanzen Master its notes and explanations help you split hairs among similar types of expressions.”


Tools to Memorize Kanji

You can use other media to learn all the joyo kanji. White Rabbit Press has designed several products that will allow you to know these 2136 characters in a different way.

Kanji Flashcards

White Rabbit Press created the world's favorite kanji flashcards. We’ve assembled all the fundamental knowledge required to master kanji into a flashcard format that makes learning and drilling efficient.

Joyo Kanji Poster

Our kanji wall poster includes all the Japanese characters you need to know in a set of two comprehensive posters. The 2136 characters displayed on this A0-size index are all the kanji you can find in the JLPT exams.