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Starbucks Japan Summer 2023 Collection: Embrace the Blues

Starbucks Japan Summer 2023 Collection: Embrace the Blues

Starbucks Japan is all set to captivate coffee lovers once again with their new wave of new merchandise for the summer season. This collection features a refreshing color palette dominated by shades of blue, adorned with intricate flower motifs, butterflies, and majestic whales. The lineup promises to elevate the summer vibes with its diverse range of mesmerizing blue expressions.

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Starbucks "Been There" Series Stainless Bottle and Porcelain Mug

Starbucks Been There Series 2023 Summer Edition

The new Stainless Bottle and Porcelain Mug from from the 2023 Summer Series  are a delightful addition to the exclusive "Been There" collection. Featuring vibrant designs of sunflowers around Mount Fuji and motifs like morning glories, watermelons, and wind chimes, they capture the essence of a perfect Japanese summer. 


Starbucks Flower Glow-in-the-Dark Tumbler

Starbucks Flower Glow-in-the-Dark Tumbler 2023

This tumbler is designed with a captivating layering effect, featuring a blue inner cup and a sleeve adorned with abundant flowers, evoking the essence of summer. The visually striking design creates a beautiful depth, while certain parts of the blue flowers glow in the dark, adding an enchanting touch to your drinking experience.


Starbucks Stainless Steel Mini Bottle - Whale
Starbucks Stainless Steel Mini Bottle - Whale

The Whale Stainless Petite Bottle is a compact and convenient solution for carrying your Starbucks VIA® coffee (approximately 180ml) while on the move. With its functional shape and easy one-touch opening and vacuum-insulated double-wall stainless steel, it ensures superior heat retention and cold insulation capabilities.

Starbucks Water Intan Tumbler - Blue Glitter
Experience the captivating features of our Blue Glitter Water Tumbler. This unique design showcases sparkling blue confetti suspended in water, creating a mesmerizing visual display.

Starbucks Heat-Resistant Whale Glass Mug

Starbucks Heat-Resistant Whale Glass Mug
Experience the perfect combination of uniqueness and functionality with this heat-resistant glass mug. Its standout element is the bead handle, delicately filled with captivating blue beads and phosphorescent sand that beautifully illuminates in the dark. 


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